Dissemination and communication

The aims of the Dissemination of the project are:

– To build up the awareness of the project and its development in scientific communities (including experts in cardiology) and key stakeholders;
– To disseminate the scientific achievements that arise from the project (e.g. new concepts and discoveries in medicine that were achieved as a result of the application of new analytical methods to medical data);
– To enable the spread of practical skills acquired during the project within the entire WMU;
– To enable the spread of practical skills acquired during the project among researchers from other academic institutions in Poland;
– To demonstrate all new competences gained by Wroclaw Medical University (in terms of experience related to being a leader of an international consortium as well as in terms of all new scientific skills) to the scientific community and business representatives in order to promote Wroclaw Medical University as a valuable partner for a wide range of cooperation.


Scientific activities related to HeartBIT_4.0 are summarized in the table below (updated: 14th July 2021)
Author(s) from the current project:
Character of the work
Event name / Journal title
Mariusz BromkePresentation at the congressProfiling of free fatty acids in lymph: a technical advance7th Scientific Conference of Polish Metabolomics SocietyBialystok, 4-6th November 2020
Dariusz Danel, Maciej PondelScientific manuscriptIdentification of risk groups for mental disorders, headache and oral behaviours in adults during the COVID-19 pandemicScientific Reports (2021)
Maciej Pondel, Agnieszka SiennickaPaper for the congressApplication of Machine Learning in medical data analysis illustrated with an example of association rules.25th International Conference on Knowledge-Based and Intelligent Information & Engineering Systems
Agnieszka Siennicka, Szymon Urban, Maciej PondelScientific manuscript (potentially also for the congress)The perception of health control in heart failure – how data science may improve the interpretation and potential usefulness of psychological data?Submitted to:
Agnieszka Siennicka, Maciej Pondel, Ryszard ZygałaPresentation at the scientific congress“Machine learning for predicting the occurrence of sympathetic
bursts based on the noninvasive recording of cardiovascular parameters”.
XXVIII Congress of the Polish Physiological Society
Agnieszka Siennicka, Maciej PondelPresentation at the scientific congress (poster)“How data science may support physiological experiments? A
review of examples and possibilities”
XXVIII Congress of the Polish Physiological Society

Communication activities are listed here (updated: 14th July 2021)

Audience reached (estimated)
30th January 2020Interview TVP Wroclaw dr Agnieszka Siennicka (WMU) and dr inż. Maciej Pondel (WUEB)~1000
31st January 2020 10:30 amInterview in Radio Gra dr Agnieszka Siennicka (WMU) and dr inż. Maciej Pondel (WUEB)~1000
2nd July 2020Regions4Permed Conference Joanna Gruchot (WMU) presentation116
29th February 2020Project social media: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube~1000
10th October 2020HeartBIT_4.0 presentation at Innovation Festiwal dr Agnieszka Siennicka (WMU), dr inż. Maciej Pondel (WUEB), prof. Karol Kozak (TUD), dr Dariusz Danel (PAN): Video30
17th February 2021Presentation at Machine Learning School For Business Schools - Tomasz Kliegr (VSE)
12th March 2021AI in Medicine - online conference organized by HeartBIT_4.0 consortium - all partners presented + guests from outside: Videos from the conference250
8th June 2021Conference AI in Healthcare720

Please see the opening video from the Internal Wroclaw Medical University Conference regarding AI w Medicine by the Head of the Project prof. dr hab. Piotr Ponikowski (in Polish):

Below the video from Innvation Festival 2020 where you can hear more about the project: