The Technical University of Dresden 

In March we will start WP2 which will cover topics such as: Data Management for Clinical Research. Schedue in the table below.


04.03.202109:00 – 11:30Data Management for Clinical Research I: Evidence Based Medicine, File Formats and Data Pre-processing, ETL ProcessesLecture by Karol Kozak
09.03.202113:00 – 15:00Data Management for Clinical ResearchConsultation by Karol Kozak
18.03.202109:00 – 11:30Data Management for Clinical Research II – Databases in Medicine, Deep brain simulationLecture by Karol Kozak
23.03.202113:00 – 15:00Data Management for Clinical ResearchConsultation by Karol Kozak
30.03.202109:00 – 11:30Data Management for Clinical Research III: Image processing in Medicine and output to ML, DL, Cybesecurity in MedicineLecture by Karol Kozak






Prague University of Economics and Business

In April experts from Prague will run their classes in the topic of Domain knowledge in detail: 

  • Introduction to the GUHA method of mechanized hypothesis formation
  • Introduction to the LISp-Miner system
  • Solution of typical tasks by the LISp-Miner
    • Data mining with conditional histograms – searching for groups of objects with a given shape of a histogram
    • Data mining with generalised association rules
  • At the end of the second lecture, the following will be available : 
    • An installation of the LISp-Miner system with the presented typical tasks together with instructions for student’s own experiments with the installed tasks
    • Detailed instructions how to apply the LISp-Miner system to own data
  • It assumed that students will make experiments with the installed typical task and/or to analyse their own data
  • It will be possible to discuss with the lecturers by e-mail/MSTeams or to send questions to be answered on Thursday, April 22nd.


15.04.2021Domain knowledgeLecture by Jan Rauch
22.04.2021Domain knowledgeLecture by Jan Rauch
26.04.2021Domain knowledgeLecture by Jan Rauch
29.04.2021Domain knowledgeLecture by Jan Rauch