Please join us for March classes starting WP2 with Technical University in Dresden


04.03.202109:00 – 11:30Data in Evidence Based Medicine, File Formats and Data Pre-processing, ETL Processes, Data Security. Use Case: NeurologyLecture by prof. Karol Kozak
09.03.202113:00 – 15:00Consultations – Data Management for Clinical ResearchConsultations by prof. Karol Kozak
18.03.202109:00 – 11:30Databases in Medicine, Example Database. Use Deep brain SimulationLecture by prof. Karol Kozak
23.03.202113:00 – 15:00Consultations: Databases in MedicineConsultations by prof. Karol Kozak
30.03.202109:00 – 11:30

Image processing in Medicine and output to ML, DL, Cybesecurity in Medicine

Lecture by prof. Karol Kozak

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